Granite is one of the most. commonly used materials for headstones because of it’s durability and long-lasting beauty.  This naturally occurring stone is available in a variety of colors and textures depending on where that specific granite is mined.

Below are the colors of granite available for our most popular headstones. Please keep in mind that granite is a natural stone and variations in patterns and colors are common.

Classic Series Colors

Vintage Red Granite

Vintage Red

Star Mahogany Granite


Star Blue Granite


Salisbury Pink Granite

Salisbury Pink

Pink Pearl Granite

Pink Pearl

Paradise Black Granite

Paradise Black

Morning Rose Granite

Morning Rose

Jet Black Granite

Jet Black

Dakota Mahogany Granite

Dakota Mahogany

Canadian Mahogany Granite

Canadian Mahogany

Distinction Series Colors

Bahama Blue granite

Bahama Blue

India Red granite

India Red

Mountain Red granite

Mountain Red

Tropical Green granite

Tropical Green

Absolute Black granite

Absolute Black

Paradise granite


India Mahogany granite

India Mahogany

Butterfly Blue granite

Butterfly Blue

Import Gray granite

Import Gray